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Chokshi Rakesh MD at 144 North Frost Drive # 3 in Saginaw, Michigan

Chokshi Rakesh MD is healthcare, which located in Michigan. They address is 144 North Frost Drive # 3.
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Phone: +1 989-249-7702


144 North Frost Drive # 3,
Saginaw, Michigan
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Customer Reviews about Chokshi Rakesh MD

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    If you are looking for a new doctor, just skip this man. 5 months ago, I went here from the recommendation of my good friend who has been an RN for the past 38 years. She worked with him when he was doing his residency. I stopped and they said they were taking new patients. Ok, great! So, I filled out all the paperwork and they sent off for my medical records (supposedly) from my last doctor. So, I waited for 6 weeks with no communication from them. I stopped in again to find out if my records had showed up yet. Nope. Ok, So I wait another 6 weeks and stop by again. No records. So, I wait some more. Stopped in yesterday only to be told they were no accepting any new patients. So, what changed from the first time I visited and the last? The woman in the office were very apologetic and said I should have been told sooner. One claimed to have called my phone several times. I had received no phone calls from them. I pointed out that while I may miss phone calls. Text messages come through more reliably. One woman said they were not allowed to text patients. I asked why. My dentist does. She just shrugged her shoulders dismissively. One also claimed the other woman had not been told they were not accepting new patients. Which I know is a lie as both of them were in the office each time I visited. Chokshi may be a good doctor. But his front office staff are truly awful. Glad I found out before they misfiled my medical records.
    November 12, 2017
    by Capn Jub
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About Chokshi Rakesh MD in Saginaw

Chokshi Rakesh MD is located at 144 North Frost Drive # 3, Saginaw, Michigan.